About Chris

I have been honing my craft for the last 10 Years in the field of Engineering, Design, and Software Development. Concentrating on Marketing and Advertising, User experience and Interface Design. Basically letting each and everyone I have helped experience and compete in a World Class Setting. I am now working full-time for an Internet Marketing firm and on my spare time love to work for my friends and family projects. Whether it’ll be designing small businesses logo and identity, marketing strategies, photography and the like, I will be fully hands-on. I am also a founder and Chairman of a local city Non-Profit, Non-Government Organization that helps mainly the Women and Children of our community while spreading my mantra of “In Everything We Do, We Must Do it All For the Glory of God.” I am also a member of several organizations like Lions Club International and other notable groups. If you are local or even foreign and you need Chris’ Help, don’t hesitate to give me a call or an e-mail.

Here are just some of my specializations:

  • Advertising and Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing and Virality
  • Logo & Branding
  • Website Design & Development
  • Offline Collateral (Posters, Letterheads, Flyers, Banners etc.)
  • Campaign Strategy
  • Commercial Photography
  • Business Plans/ SWOT/ Projections
  • Investments and Opportunities
  • SME and Startup Incubation
  • Manning and Talent Pool

Why is my Consultancy Unique???

I don’t do it solo, I have spent half of my life connecting with people who are not only exceptional at their fields, I deem them professional to work with as well. So whenever for example I design a concept, I have professionals who can render it. If you need professionally made photos, I do shoot, but I also have connections with professional photographers who specialize for a certain set of type of photos. If our projects need masons, carpenters and architects and even interior decorators, I do have connections with them as well. They will all be glad to work with me to achieve my plans to help you achieve the goals you are looking for!  I will always pay it forward and help the talents around me to come-up with the best results that fits your budget.

Oh, and for each client who work with me, I am putting a percentage of my Consultancy Fees to NGO projects as well as Church Ministries. Also, please be aware that I don’t compromise, I don’t use shady techniques (although I am aware of them), and I will always be honest and trustworthy with all our dealings.



Well, you can. Not only do I offer Marketing and Advertising advises, I also design them. So if you are thinking I might be EXPENSIVE, I’d rather say I am EFFECTIVE! You cannot gauge the Expense unless I can guarantee the output. You will really see the Value of your Money. Sometimes, my consultancy is just a small fraction out of the gains my clients get after a realistic time-frame when they consult with me, whether their internal statisticians admit it or not. I am aware on how to approach ATL, BTL and the newer TTL techniques, I am trained for a lot of years for Customer Psychology, Niche Targeting, Interface Design and the like to be effective.



Putting up a business requires Capital, Time and Passion. You need to be into a business you actually like and you are happy to work for. Although I understand how a business can become effective, I don’t have the time to put up, capitalize or spend time in starting multiple businesses. My Passion is HELPING, I want to help others succeed, when you succeed and I work with you for that success, then I will have the honor of helping a friend make good. I’ll be honest, my ulterior motive is to help you “Do Good” with your business!

As a proof of concept, I helped design the interior of a food shop as well as their collateral, the owner wouldn’t attribute the improvement to the consultation of the look and feel, but psychology dictates differently. I also helped a competing food shop which acknowledged my tips and guess which food shop is now closed?


This is where I will put the Logos of the Companies I worked for and Work with, will put in once they allow me so.